CR-10 500S (500X500X500mm)
CR-10 500S (500X500X500mm)

CR-10 500S (500X500X500mm)

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  • Superior printing scale of 500 x 500 x 500mm, outstanding building volume.
  • Printer comes semi-assembled while solving the transportation problem, additional 10 minutes required to fully assemble the kit.
  • All In One ( AIO ) controller module served with separated controlling units and mechanic structures, expanding your imagination and further upscaling the printer.
  • Patented technologies: dual bearing Delrin solid V wheels with unique V-slot rails generating, less noise and better performance compared to other machines on the market.
  • Industrial-grade circuit boards can continuously print for 200 hours without error, stable performance is guaranteed with our sophisticated technologies.
  • Detailed upgrades: airline industry hot swappable plugs, hand tighten nuts for heat bed leveling.
  • Filament Sensor.
  • Auto resume when power its turned off.



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