Máquina a Laser de Co2 80w (600*400mm)
Máquina a Laser de Co2 80w (600*400mm)

Máquina a Laser de Co2 80w (600*400mm)

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  1. Laser tube type: Co2 Glass sealed
  2. laser tube Laser power: 80W
  3. Driver type: Micro Stepping
  4. Motor Max speed: 1000mm/s
  5. Resolution: 1000 DPI
  6. Location precision: 0.01mm
  7. PC Interface: USB2.0 and USB Disk
  8. Software: Auto Laser
  9. Image form: HPGL, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, DXF, DST, AI
  10. Machine Dimension(L/W/H):1460*850*950(mm) Package Dimension(L/W/H):1560*950*1100(mm)
  11. Package: Standard Wooden case for export
  12. N.W.: 180KG
  13. G.W.: 265KG
  14. Laser Engraving software Package (English Version)
  15. User Manual (CD)
  16. Industry water cooling system
  17. Air exhaust fan
  18. Air Pump
  19. Communication cable
  20. 3x Reflect optics (installed in the machine)
  21. 1x Focus optics (installed in the machine)
  22. 1x Laser tube

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