CNC 600x400mm com 4 eixos
CNC 600x400mm com 4 eixos
CNC 600x400mm com 4 eixos
CNC 600x400mm com 4 eixos

CNC 600x400mm com 4 eixos

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  • Shape dimension:870*670*520mm
  • Max.thickness of the meterials:≤100mm(the distance between Z axis and the bottom of the working station)
  • Max.workpiece dimension:750mm*450mm
  • Work table dimension:750mm*480mm*20mm
  • Frame materials:6061 aluminum alloy + 6063 Industrial aluminum
  • Driving units X axis:NEW 1605 ball screws
  • Driving units Y axis:NEW 1605 ball screws
  • Driving units Z axis:NEW 1605 ball screws
  • Sliding units X axis:Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
  • Sliding units Y axis:Dia.20mm chrome plate shafts
  • Sliding units Z axis:Dia.13mm chrome plate shafts
  • Stepping motor type:57 two-phase 3A ,super-low noise ,NEW
  • Spindle motor:brand new 800W water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
  • Principal axis collet:ER11/3.175 collet
  • Spindle speed:24000rpm/min (PWM stepless speed regulation)
  • Empty line speed:0-4000mm/min
  • Resetting accuracy:0.05mm
  • Engraving accuracy:better than 0.04mm (has been tested)
  • Spindle precision:radial runout≤0.03mm
  • Control unit:triaxial one-piece drive + ring variable power + PWM speed
  • Carving Instructions:G code/TAB files/nc file/NCC files
  • Communication interface:through parallel connection with computer
  • Software environment:Windows 2000 / xp
  • Carving speed:0-2500mm/min (different materials differ)
  • Machine weight:55KG

Control box parameters:

  • Operating Voltage:110V or 220V 50/60Hz
  • Control unit:Toroidal transformer + PWM power supply module + TB6560 drive board
  • Computer connection:on board palrallel port
  • Command code:G code
  • Acceptable software:Mach3,EMC2
  • Protection:Emergency stop button

1× Engraving machine
1× Control box
1× Parallel cable
1× Power cable
1× Tool box and tools
3× Axis motors
1pcs rotary axis and tailstock
2× Connect wires
Mach3 software and machine manual



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